Technical Operations

Process knowledge, understanding and process design are central to Kymanox’s Technical Operations services.  We align our approach with the principles of Quality by Design and use professional project management methodologies.  With expertise in upstream, downstream and fill/finish bioprocessing technologies, as well as small molecules, medical devices, and combination products, we apply best practices for both the initial setup and ongoing lifecycle management.  Planning and risk management are employed early in the drug development program to avoid costly troubleshooting down the road.  Our team has proven, successful experience in:

    • Multiple Product Facility Designs and product launch for multi-product facilities
    • Technology transfer and scale-up for Phase III and commercial processes
    • Process troubleshooting and optimization
    • Process design from bench to commercial scale
    • Creation of upstream and downstream development strategies
    • Feasibility and business assessments including cost modeling
    • CMO person-in-the-plant representation
    • Resource, budget and capacity planning for development and manufacturing
    • Fast-track preparation and execution of CGMP campaigns
    • Planning and managing of clinical and commercial drug product supply chain
    • Process mapping and process modeling
    • PAT, Six Sigma, and LEAN implementations
    • Hands-on execution and supervision of start-up CGMP manufacturing
    • Technical and quality audits at prospective CMOs and suppliers
    • Medical Device DHF and Biologic Filing Creation and Remediation

Synergy with other Kymanox Services

Kymanox holds a 360° view of technical operations; we augment our activities with the following capabilities:

    • Process EngineeringManufacturing Science, and Technical Services
    • Automation and Controls
    • Training
    • Quality, Compliance and Regulatory

Integrating Science and Engineering with Business and Compliance

Avoid costly, and often irreversible missteps, by selecting the optimal processing methods, equipment and components from early development through commercial CGMP manufacturing. With our focus on CGMP-compliant and financially viable processes, we can help you select the best methods, equipment and components at all stages.

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