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Throughout our existence, Kymanox has strived to help clients in every facet of their business lines and at every turn of the product life cycle. Because of our enhanced breadth of experience and having had the opportunity to work in various departments and divisions of many companies, our Kymanox team of subject matter experts have been able to help address problems and create solutions in creative and effective manners. Our unique positioning has allowed us to capture insights that very few often see.

From these insights, we have not only provided industry-leading professional advisory services, but we have built a toolkit of products that are used on a daily basis by the world’s leading companies as well as life science start-ups. These products are part of our Kymanox Knowledge Products line and help support both individuals and teams as they seek to create transformative drugs and devices.

The Kymanox Knowledge Product line consists of four innovations that are available and prove useful to any size team.

We continue to learn and absorb industry knowledge as we add to our existing line, whether it be a relevant tool to ensure FDA compliance is being met or a new training to help explain and demonstrate a popular industry topic.

Explore the world of Kymanox Knowledge Products and see how they can help you Get More Done.


Comprehensive web store with an extensive list of FDA-compliant trainings, SOPs, templates, toolkits, equipment, and presentations for the life science industries.

Kymanox Works

Detailed search functionality to pinpoint products for specific applications.

Expedient and efficient means to find best-in-class documentation.

Cost-effective solutions to solving problems and implementing high quality processes and programs.

Substantial database of customizable slide decks, templates, procedures, and training forms.

Optional consultative services available to assist with guidance, development, and implementation.


Compliant, indelible ink pens to ensure data integrity and regulatory body documentation statutes are met.


Top-notch product that meets FDA, EMA, and ICH regulations.

Essential tool to help prevent costly data recording deviations.

Writing utensil that ensures data integrity with indelible ink.

Compliant pen provides peace of mind for CGMP and GDP standards.

Effective reminder to personnel regarding the importance of legible documentation and commitment to compliance.


Web-based platform to search and find a CMO in an effective and efficient manner.


Easy-to-use and comprehensive search function.

No cost solution to matching process and application needs to the right CMO partner.

Expansive and detailed database of numerous CMO profiles and production lines.

Covers global footprint to ensure maximum search radius.

Expert assistance available to ensure the proper CMO match and that a complete and precise contract manufacturing solution is in place.


Public and private training seminars that effectively employ Kymanox Ideal Knowledge Transfer™ (IKT™).

Kymanox Knowledge Bar

Up-to-date, relevant, real-world trainings and seminars.

Courses taught by life science professionals coming straight from the plant floor and audit war room.

Access to the latest tools and techniques being used in the life science industry.

Satisfies annual FDA training requirements.

Hands-on approach to training and learning that can be tailored to meet specific needs or applications.

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