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Martin Kelleher

Martin Kelleher

Chief Financial Officer

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Martin is a highly respected operations executive who has helped manage companies that delivered high growth and returns. Martin has spent over 25 years helping companies grow and realize their value in Ireland, the UK, France and the US. He has helped execute multiple acquisitions ranging from several billion dollars to low tens of millions. As an experienced COO and CFO he works with the senior team to identify the key company assets, the levers that need to be pulled and builds the plan to maximize returns.

He has a special interest in the use of key performance indicators, dashboards and developing an engaged culture of managing by metrics. His partnering approach with management teams allows companies to build on existing successes and position them for repeatable and profitable growth.

He has a wide range of industry experience ranging from Consumer goods, Telecoms, Software, Internet and Professional Services. He has worked with large public companies, venture backed startups and private companies. He has experience managing Sales, Marketing, Product, Finance, Legal, HR and Facilities in his career to date.

Originally from Ireland, Martin is a qualified accountant and has an MBA from Duke University.

Biotechnology | Pharmaceuticals | Medical Devices | Combination Products