Kymanox (ki’-mah-noks’) means Ideal Knowledge Transfer™.

Kymanox is a premier technical products and project management company. We are experts in providing our clients in the Biotech, Pharma, Device, and Nano industries with engineering, scientific, regulatory, and process operations support. We help bring products from bench to patient.

Our Offices and Contact
Office: +1-919-246-4896
Fax: +1 610-471-5101
Email: info@kymanox.com
We have several regional offices throughout the United States.
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Careers and Opportunities
Become part of the Kymanox team and be an agent for Ideal Knowledge Transfer™.
We are always looking for new skilled and available talent!
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Knowledge transfer is akin to teaching and learning with a predetermined end-goal in mind. When know-how, expertise or technology moves from one place or person to another, knowledge transfer is taking place. Read more…

Kymanox News
All of Kymanox news, both internal and external, can be found in our News Archive. Feel free to look though our history to learn more about us!
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Community and Family
Kymanox gives back. We have started many special programs and events to help others and expand perceptions.
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Our Leadership Team
Our management team consists of experienced professionals. They are focused on positioning the company for continued growth and improvement while maximizing value for our clients.  Read more…

Our Beginnings
Kymanox was founded in 2004 in the city of Highland Park, Illinois, USA. We differentiate ourselves by offering a broad range of technical services and products with turnkey project delivery. We serve clients globally in the areas of biotechnology, medical devices, and pharmaceutical. Our team includes more than 60 full-time and contract employees, many of whom are recognized as senior Subject Matter Experts in their respective fields.
Our Company Name and Logo
The company name, Kymanox (pronounced ki’-mah-noks’), is derived from the words kyma and gnosi. In Greek, kyma means “wave” and gnosi means “knowledge.” Waves, visible and invisible, are ubiquitous in our environment at both large and small scales; they transport energy and matter with unmatched efficiency. Therefore, waves symbolically represent ideal transfer. The name Kymanox means “ideal knowledge transfer.”

The company logo is an artistic rendering of a wave within a humanesque sphere.


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