Several Kymanox team members gathered for training and team-building exercises.

About Kymanox

Kymanox is Your Life Science Solutions Partner. We are a premier technical products and project management company. We are experts in providing our clients in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device, and Combination Product industries with engineering, scientific, regulatory, and process operations support. We help bring products from bench to patient. We differentiate ourselves by offering a broad range of technical services and products with turnkey project delivery. We serve clients globally from our headquarters in Durham (RTP), North Carolina and branch hubs across the US.

Kymanox was founded in 2004 in Highland Park, Illinois, USA. After serving in the Life Science industry for many years, Stephen M. Perry decided to put his knowledge and resources into his own company. Understanding that manufacturers, and the like, need technical assistance, Mr. Perry set out to partner with drug, biologic, combination product, and medical device makers to bring their products from bench to patient better, faster, and more affordable. By 2008, Kymanox’s Headquarters were relocated to RTP, North Carolina and the Illinois office formed the company’s first hub. Kymanox’s team continues to grow and help clients around the world GET MORE DONE!
The company’s network of SMEs is far-reaching and includes those at our hubs throughout the nation. Kymanox currently has hubs in Alpharetta GA, Huntsville AL, Seattle WA, Boston MA, and Chicago IL. From these hubs and our headquarters in Research Triangle Park NC, we serve clients globally and GET MORE DONE.
Throughout the growth of the company, IDEAL KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER™ has remained the focus. Knowledge transfer is akin to teaching and learning with a predetermined end-goal in mind. When know-how, expertise or technology moves from one place or person to another, knowledge transfer is taking place. Our teams are fixated on this process and utilize it in each of our projects, guaranteeing you best-in-class service. Read more about IDEAL KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER™ here.
The company name, Kymanox (pronounced ki’-mah-noks’), is derived from the words kyma and gnosi. In Greek, kyma means “wave” and gnosi means “knowledge.” Waves, visible and invisible, are ubiquitous in our environment at both large and small scales; they transport energy and matter with unmatched efficiency. Therefore, waves symbolically represent ideal transfer. The name Kymanox means “ideal knowledge transfer.” The company logo is an artistic rendering of a wave within a humanesque sphere.