Kymanox New

Samer Salhani joined Kymanox as an Associate Process Engineer in May 2019 and as one of the members of the first Kymanox Academy class. He has since joined the Validation/CQV Engineering group full time. He brings with him experience from the life sciences and the semiconductor industry.

Samer loves working at Kymanox because everyone shares the same vision and the team is dedicated to the Kymanox mission. This synergy creates a feeling of family and teamwork on a daily basis, and it makes collaboration with his coworkers seamless. Samer is inspired by the opportunity to help people through his work at Kymanox. Being a part of positive, often life-changing impacts makes work meaningful. 

Although Samer calls North Carolina home now, he has lived all over the world. He was born in Des Plaines, IL, but was raised in Raleigh, NC. During his high school years, he spent four years in Damascus, Syria. There he discovered his favorite food, Syrian shawarma! Samer also enjoys motorcycling, playing and watching soccer, swimming, attending music festivals, and vacationing in San Diego, CA.