KYMANOX TEAM HIGHLIGHT: Meet Monique Goldsmith

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Monique Goldsmith has been with Kymanox since January 14, 2019 and currently serves as an Associate Process Engineer. She is a member of the Kymanox leadership development program known as the Kymanox Academy.  Monique is excited to be part of the Kymanox team as her first full-time job after receiving her Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering. 

Monique is inspired each day because Kymanox provides her with the opportunity to work in a field that is focused on creating safe and effective products that help improve patients’ lives. Working at Kymanox allows her to gain experience through different facets of the medical device industry. She also enjoys working with talented people from all kinds of backgrounds, both within the company and through the different clients Kymanox serves. 

Monique explains, “Being a part of the Kymanox Academy rotational program has been amazing because it has exposed me to a variety of different projects and challenges.”

Originally from Florida, on Monique’s days away from Kymanox, you can find her vacationing back at home on Delray Beach or relaxing by the pool. Monique also enjoys running, reading, hiking, caring for her succulents, and eating any kind of Mexican food.