Kymanox News

With 10 years of industry experience, Nathan Cox has been a key part of the Kymanox team since April 2016. Our Senior Manager of Quality Engineering is originally from Greensboro, NC and has a particular fondness for turkey schnitzel and empanadas — though not necessarily together. He likes to take time for DIY construction and home improvement projects, playing soccer and golf, and vacationing at the beach with his wife, Kathryn, and his sons, Ethan and Andrew. But, they can’t stay away for too long, or Smokey, Sadie, and Pancake will start missing their people!

We’ll soon celebrate Nathan’s three-year anniversary with Kymanox! He says that what he enjoys most about his role here is the opportunity to lead and develop talent, as well as create novel solutions to today’s most challenging life science industry problems.

Nathan is especially inspired by the top-notch people he gets to work with. He can’t help but rise to the challenge of being the best he can be to support his team. He also appreciates being at the forefront of global health problem-solving — and ensuring that these innovative products are safe and effective in improving patients’ quality of life.