Kymanox News

With ten years of experience, Erica Fadool has been with Kymanox as a Manager in Compliance since February 2018 and is coming up on her one year with the company. Originally from Raleigh, Erica has lived in Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, South Carolina, and, ironically, settled back in Raleigh.

When Erica isn’t at Kymanox, she is spending time with her husband, Jeff, or hitting the court as an avid tennis player. She also likes to paint, read, and play board games. Erica’s favorite spot is Bruge, Belgium and for food, she loves anything spicy!

Erica loves working at Kymanox because of the variety of work. From Medical Device Vendor Audits to Mock Pre-Approval Inspections for Drug Applications to FDA Response and Remediation activities for Biologics Manufacturers, there is never a dull day in her line of work. Kymanox has provided a unique avenue for Erica’s career that keeps her engaged in an ever-changing, multi-faceted environment.

Every day Erica is tasked with an incredible responsibility to ensure that companies operating in the pharmaceutical space comply with federal regulations.  Erica is constantly reminded of the importance of keeping patients safe through her daily activities and it inspires her to do her best work each and every day.