Kymanox Knowledge Bar Webinar: Auditing and Gap Assessments 08Mar2019

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Kymanox Knowledge Bar Training
Webinar Series | Volume 1

Auditing and Gap Assessments

Presenter: Erica Fadool, ASQ-CQA, Manager of Compliance, Kymanox

• 1-hour interactive webinar discussing auditing and gap assessments of CGMP facilities.
• Resident subject matter expert, Erica Fadool, explains what makes quality audits successful.
• Real-life examples from audit war-room experiences used to illustrate best-in-class practices.
• Presentation followed by a Q&A session to address specific questions, concerns, and comments.

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As a premier professional services provider in the biologics, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and combination products spaces, we are at the forefront of delivering translational (i.e., bench to patient) engineering, scientific, quality, and regulatory support. We are the ideal team to deliver training to you and your organization, especially as it relates to quality auditing, gap assessments, and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) governed by FDA, EMA, and other regulatory bodies.