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Kymanox-DrIziBruker.jpgMeet Kymanox’s Principal Regulatory Adviser, Dr. Izi Bruker! Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Izi has worked at Kymanox since the Summer of 2016. Bringing over 25 years of experience in the Life Science Industry, Izi currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts with his partner, Lisa with who he has two adults sons. Izi and Lisa are excited to add grandparents to their list with the addition of 4-month old Henry. When he isn’t cycling, rowing, or being an active member in the Big Brother/Big Sister program, you can find Izi vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard, eating French fries, and hanging out with his pet cat, Ceci.


Healthcare has always been a passion of Izi’s, and he even considered becoming a physician. However, he decided that as an engineer developing products, he could positively affect many more people versus treating them on an individual basis. After receiving his PhD, Izi joined Johnson & Johnson, commencing his illustrious career in Life Science.

At J&J, and later Novartis, Izi was able to experience the joy of cultivating products and processes that benefited millions of patients. One of his crowning achievements involve him substantially contributing to arthroscopy and the way cataract surgery is performed today.

A lifelong student, Izi augmented his educational background in his mid-late career by obtaining a degree in Public Health from Harvard with an emphasis on Comparative Effectiveness. He is fluent in French and brings all of his experience and education to Kymanox, where he has continued on his path as a professional services adviser for healthcare worldwide. He is solving problems and helping organizations develop and manufacture quality products that meet the needs of physicians, nurses, and patients – and the needs of the governing regulatory bodies. Izi currently supports clients with medical device development and compliance programs, as well as auditing, gap assessments, and regulatory strategy development.  We are so glad to have such a dynamic and accomplished individual on the Kymanox team!