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Burak is a PhD Chemical Engineer and a Sr. Process Engineer in his 6th year at Kymanox.  Burak enjoys working at Kymanox due to the project variety, and the impact he makes on our clients’ commercialization programs.  He feels the teamwork and collaboration fostered at Kymanox assist in what we are all about – helping bring medicines to patients that need them.

Singing, traveling, and playing sports such as volleyball, basketball, and soccer are some of his favorite hobbies. Also, he’s undefeated in all company-sponsored ping pong and air hockey games and will get a chance to defend his crown at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Burak is originally from Turkey and his family lives in Istanbul. He loves to travel and some of his favorite places he’s been are Barcelona, Montreal, Puerto Rico, and San Francisco, and stateside he likes to vacation in Myrtle Beach and St. Pete Beach.

When asked about his favorite foods, he throws his hands up and says “All!”. However, South American and Mediterranean (Specifically Turkish) cuisines are some of his favorites, as is yogurt, which he makes himself frequently! Visitors and locals take note: Bosphorus and La Farm are a couple of his favorite places to eat in the Triangle. While he doesn’t have any pets yet, him and his fiancé, Renata, would love to own a mini Golden Doodle.

We are so grateful to have Burak on our team!